The Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest

Don’t get stuck in a makeup rut, the wonderful world of Pinterest has endless tips and techniques to try. From natural daytime makeup to dramatic smokey eyes, Pinterest has become a go-to source for beauty inspiration. Today we’ve rounded up the best hair and beauty boards to follow on Pinterest, offering anything from hairstyles, to makeup products to skincare treatment.

Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest: The Skin

TopShelf Clothes | The Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest

Tired of spending money on skincare products that don’t work? Beauty High’s “Skin” board is definitely worth checking out. From wrinkle remedies to foods for clearer skin, this board features tips and tutorials help improve your skin from head-to-toe. 

Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest: DIY Hair & Beauty

TopShelf Clothes | Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest

With a range of facemasks, manicure tutorials and organizational tools, Beauty Bet’s “DIY Beauty” board is our go-to pick for at home spa-like treatment. Need help curling your lashes or trying to save your hair from those harsh winter winds? Try Beauty Bet’s easy DIY solutions.

Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest: The Hair

TopShelf Clothes | The Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest

As a site that is centered solely on hair care, it is no surprise that Hair Romance is one of our top picks. Which board is our favorite? “Hair Romance Trends,” a board that sums up the top rated posts from the company’s site. “Hair Romance Trends” features anything from hairstyle tutorials, to color inspiration to DIY accessories. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Hair Romance offers styling tips for just about any color and length as well.

Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest: The Lips

TopShelf Clothes | The Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest

With anything from beauty tips for fuller lips to new makeup products, we can’t get enough of Birchbox’s “Lips” board. Whether you are simply looking for makeup inspiration or want to know what the latest lip trends are, Birchbox is a must-follow.

Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest: The Eyes

TopShelf Clothes | Best Beauty Boards to Follow on Pinterest

Eye-opening liner techniques, perfect cat eyes, and false lash applications are just a few of the techniques found on The Beauty Department’s “Lids, Lashes & Liners” board. In need of some ‘night out’ eye makeup or simply want to switch up your usual beauty routine? The Beauty Department has countless tips to help make your eyes pop! 

The New Pinterest: Who to Follow

As a rapidly growing site, Pinterest is constantly experimenting with new features to ensure optimal customer experience. What is the latest? Pinterest has entered the world of ads. Fortunately, these ads are not added noise that detracts from your experience; they take the form of “promoted pins” and provide a way to introduce you to new brands, products, etc. based on your interests and whom you follow. In our opinion, this makes Pinterest an excellent discovery tool (just like TopShelf Clothes!) for new designers and trends! As an added bonus, Pinterest will also notify you when items you’ve pinned go on sale. If that’s not a reason to jump on the Pinterest train, what is? Today we are highlighting some of our favorite Pinners to help you build up those shopping lists and inspiration boards with new, exciting material.

Who to Follow on Pinterest: Nordstrom

TopShelf Clothes | Who to follow on Pinterest

Nordstrom has already made its love for Pinterest known with their recent installment of “most pinned items” in stores. So it’s not surprising that the Nordstrom Pinterest account is one worth following. In addition to their “Top Pins” board, which features Nordstrom’s most popular products (anything from baby clothing to fall accessories), they also have an amazing beauty spot board. Beauty Spot includes the latest beauty products to hit the store as well as celebrity makeup inspiration, how-to tutorials and inspirational quotes. 

Who to Follow on Pinterest: J.Crew

TopShelf Clothes | Who to Follow on Pinterest

J.Crew is another top retailer that has used Pinterest to the max. This year J.Crew actually released its fall line on Pinterest before marketing through catalogs! As for their boards- we love J.Crew’s monthly “style guides.” Each style guide highlights J.Crew’s hottest items that are available to shop. And if that’s not enough for you, J.Crew also pins loads of inspiring pictures that match up with on-trend colors and prints to keep you in the know.

Who to Follow on Pinterest: Shop Sweet Things

TopShelf Clothes | Who to follow on pinterestLastly- Jeanne Chan of Shop Sweet Things. As a lifestyle AND fashion blogger, Jeanne Chan pins her favorite shopping items from just about every category, as well a wide range of organizational tips, party decorations and home decor ideas. Our favorite board? “Oh Darling, Let’s Be Chic.” The board features a mix of lust-worthy clothing and accessories with street style looks to match. So, if you’re looking for all-around styling inspiration, this is the board for you.

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Best of Pinterest: DIY Boards

By now we have all heard of Pinterest – one of the fastest growing sites that allows you to discover products online, all in a visually pleasing way, and then pin these images to your own account. However, with everything from food to fashion, Pinterest can be overwhelming. Today we have selected our top 3 favorite Pinterest boards for DIY tutorials. From home décor to self-made jewelry, these accounts offer quick and creative ways to spice up your everyday life.

Best DIY Boards on Pinterest: LearnVest’s ‘DIY It’ 

The Pinner: As a company that focuses on financial planning for individuals, it’s not surprising that LearnVest hosts a great DIY board. With over 5,000 followers and 18 boards, LearnVest highlights financial advice through a wide range of pins. 

TopShelf Clothes | Best DIY Boards on Pinterest

The Board: LearnVest’s ‘DIY It’ board offers organizational tips and DIY tutorials to make your home and work life easier. Whether that means easy-to-make holiday decorations or tips to help you reuse old items, LearnVest’s DIY pins offer time and money efficient ways to transform your day-to-day lifestyle.

Best DIY Boards on Pinterest: Brit Mortin’s ‘Brit + Co.’

The Pinner: Brit Mortin’s company, Brit + Co., aims to help people discover innovative products and ideas for a creative lifestyle. And with 66 boards and over 300,000 followers, Brit clearly knows her stuff.

TopShelf Clothes | Best DIY Boards on Pinterest

The Board: Brit Mortin’s ‘Brit + Co.’ board includes over 2,000 pins that come directly from her own DIY site. The board features everything from quick party appetizers to DIY wall décor, all of which include detailed tutorials from the Brit + Co. employees themselves.

Best DIY Boards on Pinterest: Gina Michele’s ‘DIY Fashion’

The Pinner: Gina Michele is a fashion and accessories designer with just over 1,000 followers and 58 boards on Pinterest. And while she has several DIY boards (including home and garden), our favorite is her ‘DIY Fashion’ board.

TopShelf Clothes | Best DIY boards on pinterest

The Board: Gina Michele’s ‘DIY Fashion’ board showcases 281 pins with creative fashion ideas. From repurposed shoes to DIY jewelry, Gina’s pins offer innovative ways (chosen by the designer herself) to help re-vamp your wardrobe and try out new trends. 

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Pinterest Contest: 2013 Fashion Trends

Pinterest Contest | TopShelf Clothes

At TopShelf, we are constantly pinning styles and trends that inspire us. Now we want to know what inspires you. Create a board on Pinterest filled with this season’s biggest trends for a chance to win $150 in cash and prizes and access to our pre-launch website.

Winner Prizes:

  • $75 Amex gift card to spend on whatever you want.
  • Private invite for you and 10 friends to receive access to our closed site.
  • 3 free on-call Lookbooks ($75 value) from a TopShelf stylist.

To Enter:

  1. Create a Pinterest board, called “TopShelf Contest: My Favorite 2013 Trends”
  2. Visit our contest board to get inspired- TopShelf Contest: Pin It To Win It
  3. Fill your board with at least 10 pins  – a min of 5 from our “PIN IT TO WIN IT” board - that go along with these year’s fashion trends
  4. When you’re done, comment on our contest description pin on OUR Pinterest account with a link to YOUR “TopShelf Contest: My Favorite 2013 Trends” board

Fashion Trends:

Contest ends Wednesday, March 6th.
Remember, you must be following our Pinterest boards to qualify. We will be announcing the winner on Facebook, Twitter and of course Pinterest. Good luck!!

Top 3 Holiday Boards to Follow on Pinterest

Pinterest is the place to go if you are in need of holiday inspiration. The Pinterest community offers ideas that range from festive decorations to specific gifts for friends and family. So whether you need a gift for a significant other or are looking for holiday party decorations, Pinterest provides ideas for any occasion. Today we have selected our top 3 boards to follow on Pinterest to help you prep for the holiday season.

Pinner: Real Simple

Real Simple is a great site to use year-round with its quick and easy home, beauty and cooking ideas. The site as a whole is perfect for the extra busy TopShelf woman, so it is no surprise that we would look to Real Simple’s Pinterest for holiday inspiration. 

Holiday Boards to Follow on Pinterest: Creative Holiday Ideas

TopShelf Clothes | Holiday boards to follow on pinterest

Real Simple’s “Creative Holiday Ideas” is perfect if you have a little extra time to get crafty this season. The board features over 100 pins that range from DIY gifts to festive baked goods, allowing you to add a personal touch to your holiday festivities.

Pinner: Honestly WTF

With over 5 million followers and 25 boards, Honestly WTF centers on extraordinary pins that range from home décor to standout fashion. We love Honestly WTF for their variety of pins, making them perfect pinners for unique gifts this season.

Holiday Boards to Follow on Pinterest: HWTF Holidays 

TopShelf Clothes | Holiday boards to follow on pinterest

Honestly WTF’s “HWTF Holidays” board includes everything from gift guides to individual present ideas. So whether you need gifts for the guys or outfit inspiration for holiday parties, Honestly WTF offers unique ideas for men and women of all types.

Pinner: TopShelfClothes

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Holiday Boards to Follow on Pinterest: Holiday Inspirations 

TopShelf Clothes | Holiday boards to follow on pinterest

From wishlist items to festive décor, our “Holiday Inspirations” board features the TopShelf team’s favorite holiday products and ideas. Whether that means our most-loved recipes or the perfect gifts for our significant others, we’ve included what inspires us to be extra giving, creative and stylish each season.

Wedding Wednesdays: Top 3 Wedding Boards to Follow on Pinterest

From the bride to the bridesmaids, the dishes to the décor, planning a wedding can easily lead to intense stress and anxiety in the months leading up to your big day. However, with the growing Pinterest community, there are a countless number of people who have already started the wedding planning process for you. Today we have selected our top 3 wedding boards to follow on Pinterest to help make your wedding day as uniquely you and stress-free as possible. Follow these boards and you’re sure to get some wedding Pinspiration!

Pinner: Style Me Pretty

With over 12,000 pins, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, don’t let that discourage you from taking a look at what Style Me Pretty has to offer. With 53 boards that address everything from the engagement party to the honeymoon, Style Me Pretty provides a great combination of décor and styling ideas for those planning their big day.

#1 Pick for Wedding Boards to Follow on PinterestWedding Fashion

TopShelf Clothes | Pinterest boards to follow

While there are many boards that cover dresses for the bride, Style Me Pretty’s “Wedding Fashion” provides a wide range of styles from casual to couture gowns. In addition to the different types of gowns, Style Me Pretty’s pins feature detailed looks at dresses as well, a useful tool if you’re looking to spice up a gown you already have.

Pinner: Wedding Chicks

Wedding Chicks is another go-to site for wedding inspiration here at TopShelf. The ladies of Wedding chicks host nearly 7,000 pins across 63 boards. And while this may seem daunting, each board is dedicated to a very specific aspect of wedding planning, so it is easy to single out what you’re looking for.

#2 Pick for Wedding Boards to Follow on Pinterest: Wedding Hair & Makeup

TopShelf Clothes | Pinterest Boards to Follow

We love the “Wedding Hair & Makeup” board for its variety of styling ideas. Whether you’re looking for a specific hairstyle or a sparkling accessory, the ladies of Wedding Chicks have collected options to match every woman’s style with both headshots and DIY tutorials. 

Pinner: Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

The editors from Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine have combined their ideas and inspirations into a collection of 83 Pinterest boards. And while these pros have managed to cover nearly every aspect of wedding planning, it is their unconventional boards that we at TopShelf are especially interested in.

#3 Pick for Wedding Boards to Follow on Pinterest: Wedding Cake Alternatives

TopShelf Clothes | Wedding boards to follow on pinterest

The “Wedding Cake Alternatives” board is perfect if you are looking to switch up the desserts at your wedding, or any other special event for that matter. The collection of desserts ranges from mini baked goods to single serving mousse recipes, all of which are beautifully displayed. 

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