Instagram Favorites: An Ode to Summer

In honor of the last week of August, we’re paying tribute to summer by taking a look back at some of our favorite Instagram moments. From casual summer styles to must-have accessories for a weekend retreat, we can’t get enough of the lightweight fabrics and bold accessories that come with vacation season.

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Flashback Friday: Favorite TopShelf Instagram Moments

Instagram has become somewhat of a photo diary for the TopShelf team and today we’re taking a look back at our favorite moments. From stylish events to guilty pleasures, get a behind-the-scenes peek at our daily obsessions.

Red Carpet Ready:

TopShelf Clothes | Instagram Favorites

TopShelf CEO Katie Nadler and COO Degelis Tufts attended the New York City Ballet Fall Gala looking absolutely stunning. Shout out to Rent the Runway for the stylish hookup!

Throwback Thursday: 

TopShelf Clothes | Instagram Favorites

Throwback Thursdays never get old… and neither do Kate and Leo.

Editors Know Best:

TopShelf Clothes | Instagram Favorites

Harper’s Bazaar Senior Market Fashion Editor, Joanna Hillman, is street style perfection. This outfit is great for spring or fall  and is the perfect mix of casual chic!

Snapette + The Blonde Salad:

TopShelf Clothes | Instagram Favorites

We had the pleasure of attending Snapette’s Digital Fashion Fete, which was hosted by blogger Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salade. Great party, amazing crowd, and inspiring style.

We <3 New York:

TopShelf Clothes | Instagram Favorites

There is no better city. We heart you, New York.

Motivational Monday: 3 Fit & Healthy Instagram Accounts to Follow

You don’t need to wait until January 1st to start those New Year’s resolutions. Get a head start now, beginning with your health routine. Whether you’re a regular gym rat or new to working out, there are TONS of ways to bump up your motivation. What’s one of our favorites? Instagram. That’s right, healthy inspiration and tips right to your smartphone. Today we are sharing three of our latest fitness obsessions to help motivate you. From recipes to workout tutorials, food facts to inspiring quotes, these fitness instagrammers offer amazing inspiration to get you on the healthy track. Happy #MotivationMonday!

Fit & Healthy Instagram Accounts to Follow: The Fit Food

TopShelf Clothes | Healthy Instagram Accounts to Follow

@Fitness_Food_Motivation: @Fitness_Food_Motivation is the perfect account to follow if you’re looking for healthy (and easy) recipes. Created by the exceptionally fit, Kensid Clay, @Fitness_Food_Motivation offers energizing, nutrition-packed recipes for any time of the day with ingredients and step-by-step directions for each. As an added bonus, @Fitness_Food_Motivation also gives shout outs to other fit food Instagrammers, so it’s a great discovery tool!

Fit & Healthy Instagram Accounts to Follow:  The Gym Tutorials

TopShelf Clothes | Healthy instagram accounts to follow

@GymExercises: Do you ever arrive at the gym and have no clue what to do? Enter: @GymExercises. The @GymExercises Instagram account provides visuals as well as detailed steps on how to do a wide range of exercises and the muscle groups for each. From bicep curls to full body workouts, @GymExercises offers easy to follow tutorials for just about any muscle group you are looking to target.

Fit & Healthy Instagram Accounts to Follow: The Fitness Trainer

TopShelf Clothes | Healthy Instagram Accounts to Follow

@Mankofit: Now, if you’re looking for an inspirational person to follow, @Mankofit is your girl. The NYC Personal trainer has an incredible story of how she transformed her body and is sharing it with the world. Massy of @Mankofit provides workout videos, cooking tutorials and even launches fit challenges. Her latest endeavor? The @Mankofit_Challenge, which provides grocery lists, meal prep recipes, supplement advice, workouts and more. Follow along with @Mankofit for your own Insta-trainer.

Best Fashion Instagrams to Follow for NYFW

New York Fashion Week has begun! That means non-stop shows, incredible street style and an abundance of ‘New York Fashion Week’ hashtags (e.g. #NYFW, #mbfashionweek). While we love a good runway shot, seeing the same pictures over and over again can get a bit old. For that reason, we’re highlighting our favorite ladies to follow on Instagram, so you can filter your feeds and get the best of NYFW.

Best Fashion Instagrams to Follow for NYFW: Eva Chen @evachen212

TopShelf Clothes | Best Fashion Instagrams to Follow for NYFW

As Editor in Chief at Lucky, Eva Chen is undoubtedly going to be all over the fashion week scene. We already love this beauty guru for her endless makeup tips and product shots. Now we can expect to see the hottest shows at NYFW with survival beauty guides to match.

Best Fashion Instagrams to Follow for NYFW: Coco Rocha @cocorocha

TopShelf Clothes | Best Fashion Instagrams to Follow for NYFW

Fashion Week from a model’s lens? Yes, please! Coco Rocha has always had a great social media presence with her documentation of everything from travels, to photo shoots, to A-list friends. Follow Coco for a look at her personal style (almost always “best dressed” worthy) and her performances throughout the week.

Best Fashion Instagrams to Follow for NYFW: Danielle Bernstein @WeWoreWhat

TopShelf Clothes | Best Fashion Instagrams to Follow for NYFW

As one of NYC’s most popular fashion bloggers, Danielle Bernstein already has a widely popular instagram following. She posts regular outfit shots, stylish purchases and a range of designer previews. Now with Fashion Week in the mix, you can expect to behind-the-scenes footage from the best shows and after parties, as well as constant updates on her always stylish and attention-grabbing outfits.

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Best Health Instagram Accounts

In need of a little fit-spiration? Instagram has got you covered. From healthy recipes to equipment-free workouts, there are plenty of people sharing their success stories for the Instagram community. See our top picks for the best health and fitness Instagrams out there. 

Best Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts for Smoothies/Juices: @SimpleGreenSmoothies

TopShelf Clothes | Best Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

Looking to hop on the juicing train? Now is your chance. Simple Green Smoothies features daily “green drink” recipes that range from filling protein shakes to detox juices. Each posts features a recipe and healthy tips to guide you down the healthy path. We especially love the challenges that Simple Green Smoothies launches periodically, encouraging followers to spice up their diets.

Best Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts for Workouts: @MsJeanetteJenkins

TopShelf Clothes | Best Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

Jeanette Jenkins is a celebrity trainer, nutritionist and Nike athlete, so you can expect to see a wide range of pictures on her instagram. From ‘exercises of the day’ to her favorite workout gear, we can’t get enough of the star trainer’s healthy tips. Follow Jeanette for quick workouts and tons of motivation.

Best Heath and Fitness Instagram Accounts for Meal Prep: @MealPrepMondays

TopShelf Clothes | Best health and fitness instagram accounts to follow

Meal Prep Mondays has become one of our favorites instagram accounts for two reasons. For one, they are all about saving you time in the kitchen. And two, every meal is super healthy AND tasty. Meal Prep Mondays asks followers to tag them in pictures of healthy meal preparations and then they post the mix of recipes. With a wide range of veggies, lean meats and rice, this instagram account is great if you’re looking for some healthy, filling meals to stock up on.

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Top 3 Beauty Instagram Users to Follow

Want to master the perfect cat eye? In need of a new hairdo? Look no further than your iPhone. As the social media world continues to grow, the beauty industry’s top tastemakers are taking Instagram by storm. From fresh manicures to the latest lipstick trends, hair stylists and makeup artists alike are offering a behind the scenes look at their latest beauty finds. Today we have selected some of our favorite beauty accounts that you NEED to follow. Whether you’re looking for nail art inspiration, makeup tips or great hair products, these ladies will aid all of your beauty needs.

Best Beauty Instagrams to Follow: Nail Art – (@ciaomanhattan2012)

TopShelf Clothes | Best beauty instagrams to follow

Mei of Ciao Manhattan is an NYC-based nail artist with a client list that ranges from New York socialites, to Miu Miu, to ELLE Magazine. Mei posts daily pictures of her amazing manicures, which could be anything from themed nail art (we’re talking holidays, movies, and even celeb portraits) to cool abstract designs. So whether you’d like to seek out Mei for a manicure of your own or are looking for some nail art inspiration- Ciao Manhattan is definitely worth checking out. 

Best Beauty Instagrams to Follow: Makeup Tips  (@maya_mia_y)

TopShelf Clothes | Best beauty instagrams to follow

Still trying to master that perfect smokey eye? Maya Mia has you covered. Maya Mia, the “YouTube Beauty Guru,” has established an instagram of over 500 pictures and nearly 500,000 followers. Her instagram is one of our favorites for two reasons- not only does she offer insight into the top makeup products out there, but she shares step-by-step tutorials on almost every picture she posts.

Best Beauty Instagrams to Follow: Hair Inspiration (@atkinjen)

TopShelf Clothes | Best beauty instagrams to follow

Celebrity hair stylist, Jen Atkins, posts daily collages of her star clients. From Jessica Alba to Kaley Kuoco, Atkins shares her latest styles and products, providing great inspiration to help you switch up your look. Check out her instagram for innovative braids, ponys, and buns as well as a sneak peek at celebrity looks.

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Top 4 People to Follow on Instagram this July 4th

With the holiday weekend coming up, we can expect instagrammers everywhere to amp up their snapshots. Travel, fashion and parties galore! There are countless social media-saavy celebrities out there (and even people who found there fame because of social media) who will be impressing the instamunity with their fabulous jet setting lives this weekend. Here are our picks for best people to follow on instagram this July 4th.

Who to Follow on Instagram: Jessica Alba (@JessicaAlba)

TopShelf Clothes | Who to Follow on Instagram

As a mother, actress, model, and author, Jessica Alba somehow manages to keep her fans up to date on all social media platforms. Alba instagrams everything from her latest projects (magazine covers, book signings, etc.) to family outings with her husband and children and is sure to have festive shots this weekend.

Who to Follow on Instagram: Leandra Medine (@manrepeller)

TopShelf Clothes | Who to Follow on Instagram

Leandra Medine combines humor and fashion on her instagram account of nearly 3,000 photos. Medine instagrams everything from her designer outfits and accessories to the latest fashion parties, providing an exciting look into the fashion industry.

Who to Follow on Instagram: Miranda Kerr (@MirandaKerr)

TopShelf Clothes | Who to Follow on Instagram

If you’re looking for scenic pics and amazing makeup inspiration, Miranda Kerr is the celebrity for you. Kerr offers behind the scene looks at her glamorous photo shoots as well favorite beauty products and floral displays.

Who to Follow on Instagram: @PoppyDelevingne

TopShelf Clothes | Who to follow on Instagram

Poppy Delevingne is a style icon here at TopShelf, so it is unsurprising that we follow her on instagram. However, the model/actress never disappoints with her wide range of beach shots, weekend fun and family photos with celeb sister Cara Delevingne. We can’t wait to see what festivities she has in store for the holiday.

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The Cutest Dogs on Instagram

If you’re like us, you probably escape from endless work emails to the land of social media. Instagram is one of our biggest obsessions with its’ range of content that touches on everything from food to fashion. While there are a number accounts that we could go on about, there is one thing we at TopShelf agree on; nothing brightens your day like adorable puppies! At this point, there are hundreds of Instagram accounts centered on cute pets. Today we’re sharing some of our favorites for those days that you’re feeling less than merry.

Cutest Dogs on Instagram: Puppy Palace (@puppypalace)

TopShelf Clothes | Cutest dogs on instagram

Puppy Palace instagrams pictures of a variety of dog breeds, both from the Internet and from fan submissions. Each entry identifies the dog breed and Instagram account of the owner as well as adorable dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Cutest Dogs on Instagram: Dear Beta (@dearbeta)

TopShelf Clothes | Cutest Dogs on Instagram

If you love French bulldogs, then this is the account for you. Dear Beta showcases one dog in possibly the most artsy way possible. The black dog is set against white backgrounds, highlighting the popular pup as he lounges around his home.

Cutest Dogs on Instagram: Digby Van Winkle (@digbyvanwinkle)

TopShelf Clothes | cutest dogs on instagram

Digby Van Winkle features a Brussels Griffon from Wellington, New Zealand. According to the owner’s bio, the dog is “blind in one eye but, but loving life!” Constantly shot in glasses, hats and a variety of costumes, Digby Van Winkle wins for the most entertaining dog account.

This post wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to our TopShelf dogs:

Valentino, Jax and William

TopShelf Clothes | The cutest dogs on instagram

Follow us on Instagram @topshelfclothes for more of our favorites! And for more cute insta-dogs, check out popularly used hashtags #dogsofinstagram, #dogoftheday, #dogstagram, and #ilovemydog.