Street Style: Fall Boots

Few things are more exciting than the seasonal boot selection that comes about every November. However, with SO many options, it can be hard to narrow down the best fits for you. Today we’re looking to top fashion bloggers to see how they’re wearing this season’s biggest styles. From casual ankle booties to chic knee-highs, these outfits offer something for everyone.

Ankle Boots

Fashion Blogger Style | Fall Outfits | Fall Boots | Happily Grey

Mary of Happily Grey

Fashion Blogger Style | Fall Outfits | Fall Boots | Vanilla Extract

Nichole of Vanilla Extract


Flat booties and wide brimmed hats are two of this season’s biggest trends. Mary teams hers with a cool faux fur coat for a fashion-forward look that demands attention. Nichole takes her outfit in a different direction as she mixes an edgy leather sleeved coat with a bright yellow sweater. Both ladies finish their looks with oversized shades and simple handbags.

Knee-High Boots

Fashion Blogger Style | Fall Outfits | Fall Boots | Something Navy

Arielle of Something Navy

Wendy's Lookbook | Fashion Blogger Style | Fall Outfits | Fall Boots

Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook


Depending on how they’re styled, knee-high boots can either make the outfit or simply complement it. Arielle opts to highlight her black knee-highs as she teams them with an understated dress and plush coat. Wendy blends her grey suede boots into her outfit by mixing bold stripes, a teal coat and plaid scarf. We love how both ladies stick to a single color palette for their street chic looks.

Heeled Booties

With Love From Kat | Fashion Blogger Style | Fall Outfits | Fall Boots

Kat of With Love From Kat

Fashion Blogger Style | Song of Style | Fall Outfits | Fall Boots

Aimee of Song of Style


Heeled ankle boots are THE versatile shoe of the season as they can be worn with anything from leg-baring hems of casual jeans. Kat pairs her booties with a modern leather skirt and blazer for an edgy sophisticated look. She tops off her outfit with a leopard clutch. Aimee goes for a completely different look as she teams an oversized sweater with her sky-high heels. She finishes her monochrome outfit with a structured tote and flowing skirt.

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